Are you concerned about what you can trust and what is not in online money-making?
Is your language making it difficult for you to expand into foreign markets?Are you lacking knowledge of technology updates?
Are you feeling dumped in the market because you cannot keep up with space-age advancements?

Step into the future of digital mastery with the ADVANCED DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION course, captained by the visionary         Dr. P.P. Vijayan. Over the next six months, you'll embark on a daily hour-long journey, charting a course through the vast sea of knowledge. This program comprises four unique islands of learning: INTERNATIONAL ENGLISH MASTERY, a linguistic tapestry where you'll weave eloquence; DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION, a technological frontier to explore and conquer; PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, a jungle of self-discovery where you'll sharpen the machete of self-improvement; and NLP PRACTITIONER, a dive into the intricate depths of human cognition, unlocking the secrets of the mind's treasure chest. Brace yourself for a transformative odyssey like no other.
Through International English Mastery we offer an interactive and effective English training system using various learning methods to meet your specific needs. You will learn international English fluency to communicate anywhere around the globe. We adopted a systematic means to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for fluency in English. You will gain motivation to become a global player.
With Digital Transformation you'll wield the scepter of mastery in the boundless realm of the internet. We're your guides on a journey to nurture your digital existence, transforming you into a global virtuoso in just six months. As you immerse yourself in this program, you'll forge a digital empire that shines like a constellation in the virtual cosmos, a testament to your newfound prowess in the online arena. Prepare to construct a digital empire that rivals the grandeur of ancient empires, all at your fingertips.
Personal Development course is designed to help you enhance your personal and professional skills. Topics often include time management, goal setting, leadership skills, self-awareness, and strategies for personal growth and success.
NLP Practitioner is a psychological approach that focuses on the connection between language, behavior, and thought patterns. This course may teach techniques for communication, self-improvement, and understanding human behavior. It's often used in coaching and therapy.

The ADT Prime serves international English, internet mastery​, personal development , NLP and motivation on a platter.



You do not have to spend millions and crores to write a success story in the retail business. It can be sold at home to customers anywhere. If you become a good Amazon, eBay, and Flipkart trader, you can get a similar business to start one lakh outlets. Every month, the money from the sale goes to your bank account.

Step into the new story you will create.

Benefits of the course