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Embark on a journey that fashions exceptional individuals equipped to conquer the globe. With our program, your cherished ones will be adorned with the skills to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of the modern world. Don't miss this chance to sculpt a future that radiates brilliance, resilience, and global finesse. Join us today to witness your wards unfold into remarkable global trailblazers!  

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Enroll them in the Lifeline School program, and watch as their potential blooms into remarkable achievements.  We're not just shaping their future – we're crafting a masterpiece of determination, passion, and boundless aspiration. Join us on this exhilarating voyage to see your child not only excel but redefine the boundaries of excellence. The Lifeline School experience is where purpose meets promise. Embrace it today and set them on a path to create their own unique mark on the world.

Embrace what you don't know. Where you fall is the stepping-stones of your journey.


  • Spoken English (American) 
  • Mind programming 
  • Super learning methods 
  • Exam techniques 
  • Tips to improve creative writing skills 
  • Techniques that make the study process easy 
  • Tips to sharpen memory 
  • Public speaking 
  • Goal setting based on talents and passion 
  • Ways to set short-term goals to boost overall health 
  • Smarter study habits 
  • Setting life ambitions 
  • Empowering the vision board and success plan 
  • Tips and tricks to excel in academic performa​nce 
  • Career guidance 
  • Creative thinking 
  • Building a good relationship 
  • Developing the personality of children 
  • Blueprint for success 
  • Teach values to kids and aid their moral development 
  • Relaxation strategies like meditation 
  • Interpersonal skills 
  • Personal development 
  • Success secrets 
  • Brain power enhancement methods 
  • Mind power training 
  • Multiple intelligence 
  • Training on crucial life skills, including decision-making, punctuality, time-management, critical thinking, communication & networking
Don't seek praise — Mark down every small achievement along the way.


  • Cultivating a north star approach: Guiding children with clear goals.
  • Encouraging children to develop a north star approach helps them see their goals as constellations guiding their path through a world of endless possibilities.
  • Spark the flame of ambition: Nurturing young dreams. ·
  • Igniting the flame of ambition within children turns their dreams into beacons of determination, encouraging them to pursue their passions with zeal.
  • Transforming attitudes: Empowering growth and positivity.
  • Teaching children to transform their attitudes is like watching a caterpillar transform into a butterfly, shedding self-imposed limits and embracing positivity.
  • Sculpting a persona of influence: Building confidence and leadership.
  • Empowering children to carve their presence in the world like skilled artists creates a strong foundation for them to leave a positive impact on those around them.
  • Embracing visionary leadership: Encouraging creative thinking.
  • By embracing visionary leadership, children are inspired to navigate uncharted territories with innovative ideas, steering their dreams towards exciting new horizons.
  • Banishing procrastination: Fostering time management skills.
  • Helping children overcome procrastination empowers them to see time as a canvas for their actions, enabling them to paint a picture of achievement.
  • Radiating enduring happiness: Cultivating joyful well-being. 
  • Encouraging enduring happiness in children lets their joy shine like an eternal sun, even in challenging times, spreading warmth to all aspects of their lives. 
  • Escaping self-doubt: Cultivating resilience and confidence. 
  • Teaching children to rise above self-doubt, much like a phoenix from ashes, builds their self-assurance, allowing them to soar beyond their fears. 
  • Embracing a positive outlook: Shaping optimistic perspectives. 
  • Instilling a sunlit outlook in children helps them view the world through a kaleidoscope of positivity, uncovering hidden opportunities in every challenge. 
  • Dancing in harmony with help: Fostering collaboration and strength. 
  • Encouraging children to seek help and support nurtures their growth, much like a tree extending branches toward the sky, drawing strength from interconnected roots. 
  • Nurturing soft skills: Blooming abilities and communication. 
  • Nurturing children's soft skills allows their abilities to flourish like a vibrant garden, with each skill blooming as a unique and fragrant flower. 
  • Polishing the mirror of self-image: Fostering confidence and self-worth. 
  • Guiding children to polish their self-image, like a gemstone reflecting light, helps them see themselves as multifaceted and precious, radiating inner brilliance. 
  • Launching skills like shooting stars: Unleashing potential and achievement. 
  • Empowering children to launch their skills like shooting stars sends their abilities soaring across the sky of success, leaving a trail of accomplishments. 
  • Saying yes to life's constellations: Embracing exploration and experience. 
  • Encouraging children to say yes to life's constellations allows them to explore new galaxies of experience, embarking on exciting journeys of discovery. 
  • Forging the sword of forgiveness: Encouraging empathy and healing. 
  • Teaching children to forge the sword of forgiveness equips them with a powerful tool to cut through resentment's chains, replacing them with compassion. 
  • Fortifying the castle of confidence: Building strong self-esteem. 
  • Empowering children to fortify their castle of confidence with walls impenetrable encourages them to guard their potential and self-worth. 
  • Casting aside the cloak of excuses: Fostering responsibility and accountability. 
  • Guiding children to cast aside excuses and step into the spotlight of responsibility empowers them to take ownership of their actions and choices.

  The perfect course to transform your child's natural competitive trait into highly effective performance.
 Excellent life success training that regular schools can't provide.

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Student Reviews​ 


Navigating this competitive world presents numerous challenges for children. My seventh-grade son is enrolled in a global school program, which has proven immensely beneficial for his holistic growth. With its regular exams, national-level competitions, certifications, and awards, the curriculum keeps children engaged and invested in their studies. From my experience, I wholeheartedly recommend the global school course to all parents.


As a current plus-one student, I completed the international school course a year ago. Reflecting on my journey, the transformation has been astounding. The course has been the catalyst for my current standing. Notably, my language skills have seen a remarkable improvement. Now, I am confident speaking in English in front of sizable audiences. I extend my gratitude to Jiji Ma'am and the exceptional global school instructors who made this possible