1. Are you in search of a battle-tested framework to champion your goals, amplify productivity, nurture relationships, and harvest prosperity?
  2. Do you find yourself basking in professional success yet yearning for the serenity, joy, and spiritual transcendence that life can offer?
  3. Are you wholeheartedly dedicated to your personal evolution, the pursuit of a life adorned with beauty, and making a positive impact on the world?
  4. Do you aspire to rewire your thought patterns, guiding them steadfastly towards the path of success?

If it is a YES, Then Go Through Our Life-Changing Program,

Master your mind to tap its vast potential
Become the designer of your life and the creator of your destiny.
Self-change is more important than changing the scene.

Prepare to transcend into a realm where you'll embrace the thoughts, actions, and life of a genuine powerhouse. Our program is meticulously crafted to impart the precise roadmap for leading a life aligned with your highest aspirations.
Over 12 immersive days of training, you'll delve into the art of mastering relationships, from premarital insights to post-marital wisdom. Discover the strategies to fortify your marriage and all other connections that shape your world.
We delve deep into the realm of advanced techniques that unveil the hidden laws of nature governing our existence. By harnessing these principles, you'll unlock the keys to desired success and results, elevating both your personal and professional life to extraordinary heights.

  • Command the symphony of your life
  • Chase the radiance of your life's dreams
  • Awaken the endless well of your potential
  • Unlock the key to overcoming everyday challenges
  • Achieve triumph in relationships, abundance, well-b​eing, and bliss
  • Transform your inner strength into dynamic momentum
  • Emerge as the ultimate expression of your being

Why This Training?

The Course Features

  • 12 days of training by internationally acclaimed Mind Trainer Dr. P. P. Vijayan
  • The multi-sensory accelerated learning method facilitates easy, quick data grasping by candidates
  • Participants can perceive the power of the subconscious mind in two days
  • A well-researched, up-to-date international quality training program
  • Global standard content and course material for every participant
  • Subconscious level training
  • Prompt follow-up, telephone support
  • 90-days e-learning

12 Levels of Advanced Mind Mastery


  • Laws of attraction
  • Law as per Bhagavad-gita
  • Teachings in Bible
  • Law and Islam
  • Laws governing attraction
  • How to attract money
  • Law of attraction & health
  • Relations & law of attraction
  • Law of attraction for students
  • Nine laws of attraction


  • Awaken ESP within you
  • Psycho cybernetics
  • Transformation of self
  • Belief transformation
  • Transforming attitudes & habits
  • Mind & Success
  • Power of focus & goal orientation
  • Mental kaizen
  • The secrets of self-mastery


  • Master you in a high-quality, ultimate relationship management program. Be an attention grabber and establish and maintain healthy relationships.
  • You are the master of your destiny
  • Master your relationship
  • Master skills in relationship
  • Role of men & women
  • Habits of a successful marriage
  • Better relationship
  • 101 tips for relationship
  • Relationship questionnaires


  • Pearls of wisdom
  • Mind sculpture
  • Communication
  • The psychology of excellence
  • Changing the biochemistry of others by using the mind
  • 101 communication tips


  • The magical power of your mind
  • 12 types of intimacies
  • 36 ways to connect with people at any level
  • How to create lasting impressions
  • How to read a person like a book
  • Personal charisma & magnetism
  • How to win over others' minds by using the rule of 5
  • 101 tips for nurturing friendship
  • Smart people
  • Emotional intelligence


  • Mind tools to wealth & prosperity
  • Personal financial management
  • Money mastery
  • Managing money
  • Abundant life
  • Financial IQ
  • 101 ways of a debt-free life
  • Bad money habits
  • Multiple & passive income streams
  • Mindset for financial freedom
  • Unhappy marriage
  • Social rejection
  • Conflicts
  • Fear, anger, stress
  • Missing fortunes and opportunities
  • Lack of energy
  • Unsuccessful life
  • Uncertain future
  • Debt, loss, lack of money
  • Lack of time
  • Failures in life
  • Problems from inside you

The Pains We Relieve

Benefits of The Course

  • Rewire the depths of your mind for harmony between your aspirations and beliefs
  • Foster a flourishing family life of success and harmony
  • Empower your personal connections with a surge of influence
  • Command respect and embrace acceptance with grace
  • Elevate your communication mastery: words, presence, and tone
  • Banish negativity and embrace a radiant outlook
  • Embody the maestro of your emotional symphony
  • Draw your deepest desires closer with magnetic attraction
  • Unburden your soul: a path to serenity and inner calm
  • Embrace the joyful melody of life
  • Nurture restful slumber for renewed vitality
  • Sharpen your focus and supercharge concentration
  • Unveil the elixir of youth, slowing the sands of time
  • Tap into the well of soulful wisdom
  • Steer the ship of your life, guiding your destiny
  • Rekindle your natural vigor and vitality
  • Bask in an enhanced mood and serene tranquility
  • Unleash your potent potential to propel toward achievement
  • Transform your inner strength into dynamic action
  • Radiate magnetic confidence and charm
  • Unearth your true life mission and craft a vision of triumph
  • Master goal setting and its systematic attainment
  • Transcend the shackles of limiting beliefs
  • Forge a mental blueprint for unstoppable success
  • Sharpen your mind's blade and enhance memory mastery
  • Hone your focus to laser precision
  • Unlock your creative genius
  • Craft decisions with grace and precision
  • Attain the pinnacle of performance excellence
  • Bask in resilience, vibrant health, and flourishing vitality
  • Elevate academic excellence to new heights
  • Foster prosperity and unleash abundance
  • Cultivate intrinsic emotional mastery
  • Radiate confidence and nurture self-worth
  • Polish your social aptitude and foster deeper connections


The Lifeline certificate is globally accepted and will add to your credentials.


12 days - 6 am to 9 pm

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