Journey into Inner Child Healing (JICH)

An experiential healing workshop..A path to healing the wounded child within and freedom from your past..Reparent yourself and grow up again, recovering your lost self..


Step into the realm of our innovative four-day residential course, meticulously crafted to unveil the intricate tapestry of your inner world. Here, we delve deep into the corridors of your life experiences, offering tools that guide you in creating a personalized journey map. Through this, you'll gain profound insights into how your past has sculpted your personality and influenced your choices, allowing you to view your life's decisions within the context of your unique history.
The shadows of childhood traumas and challenging experiences can cast a long shadow on your present existence, obscuring your true self. This can manifest in frustration, despair, unfulfillment, relationship turmoil, career stagnation, and the weight of emotional burdens like phobias, anger, loneliness, and depression.
But rest assured, there is a path to illumination and healing. Our workshop is a sanctuary for transformation, offering you the chance to rewrite your life's narrative and step into a brighter, more authentic existence. It's a journey toward the life you deserve, one where you can flourish and thrive.
Hidden beneath the complexities of adulthood lies a forgotten treasure: the simplicity and unbridled joy of childhood. Imagine a life infused with effortless freedom and boundless delight, much like the carefree days of youth. Alas, the journey to adulthood often snatches these precious gifts away. But here's the secret: you can rekindle that inner child and reclaim the priceless benefits it bestows through the profound practice of inner child work.
Inner child work, when embraced wholeheartedly, unfolds a tapestry of social, mental, and emotional rewards. It's the transformative key to unraveling the intricate challenges that adulthood presents, many of which trace their roots to the vulnerabilities of childhood. These challenges encompass a vast spectrum, from the shackles of low self-esteem and the burden of self-criticism to the haunting specters of depression, anger, and relationship complexities. Inner child work is your compass to navigate this terrain.
Every individual carries a unique personal history, a mosaic of experiences, and a kaleidoscope of emotions. It's a journey from birth onwards that etches the blueprint of feelings, behaviors, and core beliefs. In the early years, up to the age of seven, the human brain operates at a

different frequency, dancing to the rhythm of theta brainwaves, oscillating at 4-7 cycles per second. These waves are like the fertile soil of the mind, sowing the seeds of our experiences.
Later in life, these experiences weave the fabric of your reality—a life script, both beautiful and challenging. These scripts, conceived by the young mind, now play a pivotal role in determining your actions, words, thoughts, and emotions. Yet, they may not always be accurate or healthy.
This course invites you to embark on a poignant journey back to your formative years, where you'll reunite with the innocent child within and revisit the scripts that shape your present reality. It's a profound opportunity to discern how past experiences, whether uplifting or traumatic, have given rise to recurring patterns in your adult life.
The revelation of how childhood experiences leave their indelible mark on the canvas of adult existence is nothing short of empowering. You may have longed to break free from the grip of these stagnant influences and rediscover the inner joy that seems lost. However, discussing these experiences alone cannot alter them.
Even in the tapestry of adulthood, the inner child remains an integral part of your being. We all yearn to be seen, cherished, and heard—qualities intrinsic to our inner child's nature. Those who have weathered a traumatic childhood often seek solace through extreme behaviors—perhaps overindulging in food or alcohol, recklessly spending money, or embracing promiscuity. These actions stem from a profound sense of inner turmoil, a gnawing feeling that something is amiss. Fun and laughter, once abundant, are stifled by this inner discord.
This course is your guiding light, peeling away the layers of complexity to reveal the life scripts that govern your existence today. It's a journey to unearth the treasures buried within your inner child, fostering healing, liberation, and a return to the joyous essence of your authentic self.

Note: Some self-assessment tasks will affect your understanding of who you are as a person deep within. This enables you to forge a stronger connection to that inner child.