Prepare to embark on the extraordinary journey of our Platinum Partnership Program, where you will master the art of learning, sharpen your skills, elevate your performance, and triumphantly achieve your loftiest goals. This program is your gateway to unleashing your untapped potential, both in your personal and professional realms. Embrace qualities that ignite your senses and bring joy beyond measure. 
Lifeline extends an unparalleled investment opportunity. Forge a partnership with us, guided by the renowned international trainer and business coach, Dr. P P. Vijayan. Invest a mere 10 lakhs in Lifeline, and within a short five years, watch your returns soar to a staggering 20 lakhs. As an added bonus, gain complimentary access to all our premium Lifeline programs. We not only double your profits through this risk-free investment but also bolster your confidence to the pinnacle. Count on us for your passport to a multitude of life-enhancing programs, paving the way for an abundant existence. 
Dr. P P. Vijayan, your mentor, harbors an unwavering belief in your potential. He offers unwavering support and a judgment-free sanctuary, respecting your unique views, lifestyle, and aspirations. Our Platinum Partnership is your paramount opportunity to delve deep into your needs, motivations, desires, skills, and thought processes, ushering in profound and lasting transformations in your life's narrative.


  1. Helps to monitor and maintain close family relationships: Husband - Wife - Children - Parents - Close relatives. 
  2. Illuminates the spiritual path by nurturing the facets of your psyche, harmonizing your inner melody. 
  3. Cultivates the vigor of your physical vessel, ensuring it dances with vitality through the tapestry of life. 
  4. They can attend the following programs within two years:
  • The Billionaire Mindset program - Levels 1 to 10 
  • Mind Mastery - 2-day program 
  • Advanced Mind Mastery - Levels 1 to 12 
  • NLP Sales Mastery 
  • Soul Mastery 
  • Success Coaching and Counselling 
  • Business Consultancy 
  • Complimentary pack for five persons in Mind Mastery You can repeat any five programs if necessary
  • You can have personal consultation every three months with Dr. P P. Vijayan. 
  • In your life's most crucial decisions, Dr. P.P. Vijayan's personal intervention will be made as and when you request. 
  • Connect with trusted experts in business, finance, law, etc., as needed. 
  • Confidential Support and Sharing. 
  • Counseling support by Dr. Jiji Vijayan, Personal Counselling, and relationship consultancy for the entire family.


The program is open only to those invited. There is a limited membership since Dr. P.P. Vijayan wants to ensure all members receive individual attention. 
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